Rules and Regulations Los Crotos Deluxe Condominiums

ARRIVAL The Owner should always have his key to unlock his apartment and never lend it to anyone else unless the Administrator has been previously notified.
OCCUPANCY The maximum occupancy is 6 persons for one bedroom apartment and 9 persons for two bedroom apartment.
LAUNDRY Each Condominium has a service patio where all towels and clothing can be hung to dry. It is strictly prohibited to hang towels and clothing or leave any objects other than chairs, tables, and outdoor grills on the balconies or anywhere else that is visible from the exterior.
NOISE It is forbidden to operate radios, tape decks, televisions and sound equipment in general or other items which cause disruptions at high volumes. All Lodgers are asked to avoid shouting and boisterous activity inside and out of their Condominiums, in order to provide a relaxing peaceful environment for all.

In order to maintain an environment acceptable to respectable families the Administration will attend to any complaint with respect to this and the Administration reserves the right to take any measures necessary for maintaining the Condominium Regulations.
WASTE DISPOSAL It is strictly prohibited to litter or deposit garbage anywhere but in the containers provided for that purpose.
ANIMALS It is strictly prohibited to have any animals anywhere of the common grounds. If this regulation is violated the Guests will be charged for the professional cleaning of the furniture and curtains of that Condominium and the violators will be asked to leave the premises.
TOWELS When the towels belong to the Administration, only beach towels are allowed to be used outside the Condominiums.
CHAISE LOUNGES The chaise lounges are to be used exclusively for sunbathing and for no reason is it permitted to remove them from the pool area and/or to be used in any other way. The same applies to the tables and chairs in the pool area.
POOL Appropriate swim attire is required when using the pool. Under no conditions will shorts, other clothes, and of course no underwear or children in diapers be permitted in the pool. Children in diapers will not be allowed in the pool except when wearing protective rubber or plastic pants that guarantee the hygiene of the water. Any case of residuals found in the water will be treated by professionals in pool sanitation and the persons responsible for the child will be charged accordingly. It is necessary for everyone entering the pool to shower beforehand to eliminate sand and body oils. It is prohibited to introduce objects into the pool or use any object in the pool which is not specifically designed for pool use.

There are no lifeguards at Los Crotos so each individual is responsible for his own safety in the pool, and on the dock and beach areas. We recommend that parents take special care watching their children to avoid regrettable accidents.

The pool's hours for use are from 8:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. The rest of the time is reserved for cleaning and chemical treatment of the pool. The use of the pool other than the established schedule must be programmed and authorized by the Administrator.

For maximum safety it is forbidden to use the pool when the underwater lights are on. The pool and the pool area should be vacated in case of a storm.
DRINKS It is strictly forbidden to have glass bottles or glasses in the pool and dock areas. Any glass that is broken in the pool area will require a special cleaning and this fee will be charged to the responsible person or failing to ascertain that person it will be charged to the Owner responsible for the group that caused the accident.
Each person is responsible for not leaving garbage in the common and pool areas. Your will be charged a cleaning fee if this is not observed.
GARDENS The gardens are a decorative element in the Condominium and should not be used as a play ground. We ask that you try to use the walkways.
PARKING The inside lanes of the lateral streets are to be used for parking cars and boats, and the outside lanes are reserved for circulation. It is not permitted to park on the returns.
ELECTRIC METERS Each building has an exterior zone where the electric meters are located. The Federal Electrical Commission requires that these areas be accessible at all times. The entrance to the areas where the electric meters are located is strictly prohibited. It is every parent's responsibility to make sure their children stay out of these areas.